Do you want to be active and pain free?

As a coach, yoga instructor and pain therapist (Team Liebscher & Bracht ), Frank-André Berkel has made it his mission to offer you a better quality of life. To move you in such a way that you can reach old age healthy and pain-free – with fun and without medication .


Frank-André Berkel has made it his life’s mission to “move” YOU in order to keep you fit, satisfied, pain-free and healthy into old age – with over three decades of professional experience! Always up to date in sports medicine – because your most valuable asset is your health. We’re all getting older, so maybe your back, muscles or joints hurt – maybe because you’re sitting too much or even though you’re actually active? Or maybe you are an athlete and are looking for new impulses for your training? Frank-André is dedicated to your individual concerns. He is able to recognize from your movement patterns where your physical needs or possible deficits lie and accompanies you on your way to a long-term, healthy and active life with more fun. The basis for your success lies in the unique combination of Frank-André’s various training modules, which challenge and develop your body and mind and activate the regenerative or self-healing powers that may be necessary. A.As a side effect, you will also lose a few pounds. I am sure you will be delighted.


What the jury says: We were very impressed by your personal touch, your passion for what you do and your sense of community. There is something very special about knowing that you are making a positive difference, and we hope that this award will bring further success with it.

I would be happy to come to your finca, your boat or take care of you online via Zoom or Skype.

© FA Berkel

Pain therapy
Fascia Therapy

Frank-André Berkel practices the pain therapy according to Liebscher and Bracht, which is recognized and highly regarded in the professional world. He has also always mastered a variety of different techniques such as LomiLomi, Swedish, Thai, Physio and osteopathy / osteopressure, which he uses in his treatments.

With the help of his over three decades of experience and well-founded training in physiotherapy (that was the name of physiotherapy in the 80s), movement therapy, yoga, Thai Chi and Reiki, Frank-André succeeds in incorporating valuable energy work and the breathing techniques learned specifically in his program Include treatment.

Image by VSRao from Pixabay


Take a look at the pain catalog. If you find your pain on this list, Frank-André Berkel has its own individual treatment and therapy for each of these pain points.

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Golden 8 (Level 1)

The “Golden 8” developed by Frank-André Berkel especially for beginners consists of elements of yoga, Pilates, Thai Chi and classic physiotherapy . Similar to a “sun salutation” in yoga, eight exercises form a sequential sequence of isometric exercises (held positions) that build on one another, which – once learned – become your daily training – because only a rolling stone does not collect moss!

The breathing techniques learned in this module can relax your head, mind and body.


Only a rolling stone does not attach moss

(Japanese proverb)


Deep Yoga (level 3-4)

Have you been practicing yoga for a long time or even professionally and would you like to work intensively on your techniques? With the knowledge of Frank André you will experience a new and impressive quality in the execution of your yoga. Actually using this “new” thing is fantastic – you will see!
Deep Yoga is the way to an even more intense physical experience.

“As an experienced yoga teacher, I learned more in one hour with Frank-Andre than in any other further training. His knowledge of the body and his physiotherapy experience make his work unique! “
Petra Knuf, yoga instructor

Functional training

Faster weight loss, muscle building, more elasticity, higher resilience and increased performance – also for you – no matter what age group you belong to. Frank-André Berkel took up the “functional training” training concept, which was initially developed by sports scientists for competitive sports, and adapted it to the needs and requirements of his customers on a physiotherapeutic basis. Frank-André Berkel’s exclusive functional training consists of five components:

Strength upper body
Lower body strength

Plyometry (jump & land).

With the help of Frank-André’s training, you will achieve a healthy body with healthy muscles and healthy connective tissue. In this way, your body becomes firm and elastic at the same time – flexible like a bamboo and tear-resistant like a pulling rope.

Image by MCvec from Pixabay

That’s what my customers say

He did a fantastic job for us.

“It is very difficult to find a professional who has the experience and training as a fitness trainer, yoga teacher and masseur that superyacht guests and owners expect. Frank Berkel met all of these criteria and did a fantastic job for us.
Please recommend him to one of the yachts you manage and give the captains my contact details if a reference check is required. “

Chris Barker

ElegantDelivery Captain, the MY Dardanella - 201521


“Frank introduced me to yoga a year ago. Compared to other yoga trainers, he impresses with his knowledge of anatonmy, physiology and physiotherapy. He guides each student individually within the scope of his possibilities and any previous illnesses. In my opinion, his way of leading with words is well above average and gives me a new quality of yoga that I have not experienced with other trainers. Hence five stars from me and both thumbs up! “

Dr. Daniel Hellmann

Technically sound

“I can recommend Frank’s training to anyone who wants to do something good for themselves and their body. The back pain from sitting at the computer all the time has been blown away and it is great fun to work with Frank. Highly recommended because technically sound, always nice and very goal-oriented. Full points!”

Stephan Haardt

Professional competence

“I would give even more stars, tried out a few trainers and physiotherapists on the island and finally found the right expertise in Frank. You can do more harm than good with the wrong exercises or the wrong posture and so he corrects a lot and has so many exercises in his luggage that it never gets boring. Pure motivation. My wife had a massage and was just as enthusiastic. Absolute recommendation! “

Ben Vingutz

Expertise and professionalism

Frank is an emphatic and very accomplished sports professional. I’ve been enjoying his developed yoga in Mallorca for a number of years now and I highly recommend him! Jan Schmidt, Cas Catalá (Mallorca)

Jan Schmidt (dental trainer)

Magical hands

“Magic hands, a good start! I’ve lived all over the world, had massages from some of the best, but I don’t think anyone can beat Frank-André! Whether it is a relaxation massage or a specific area for a therapy massage. He changed the lives of many of my friends. Frank is my recommendation! “

Francesca Dougall


“Frank-André is the first of a hundred personal trainers I have worked with who can see exactly what I need”

Princess Safia Al-Rasheed

Yacht: "Lady Moura"

Thank you Frank-André

“Since both hip joints AND knee joints were exchanged, I have lost confidence in my joints and have become more and more immobile. I came to Frank-Andre on my 86th birthday and felt that after the first exercise, I was MUCH better and the pain was less! With Frank-André I regained a mobility and stability that I had never known. Thank you, Frank-André! “

Edelgard Reimerdes, 86 years

Positive: communication, professionalism, quality

André is a great listener and absolutely professional. At the beginning of my 1-month training session, he listened carefully to what my goals and wishes were, evaluated them realistically and worked out a plan for me. We then had training every two days at different times. The month brought me a lot both physically and mentally. We’re still in loose contact today, and he’s always on hand with help and advice.

Tino Thau


“As an experienced yoga teacher, I learned more in one hour with Frank-Andre than in any other further training. His knowledge of the body and his physiotherapy experience make his work unique! “

Petra Knuf

Yoga instructor


Buenos días, he tenido una fantástica experiencia con el señor Berkel. Ya q gracias a sus conocimientos profesionales he podido evitar una OP inesesaria, de mis tendones en mi hombro derecho. Yo resido en Ibiza y práctico Jiu jitsu brasileño al nivel personal, entreno 4 días por semana. Desde hace más de 9 años. Mi hombro tenia la tendencia en salirse de su sitio, en cuando el codo sobrepasaba la altura del hombro. Una limitación y debilidad en este deporte. Los médicos me suguieron una OP y entrenar más intensamente los grupos musculares en este hombro, para darle más estabilidad. Tras pasar 14 días en Mallorca, contacte previamente con Frank y me ha preparado un entrenamiento personalizado. Frank me ha examinado antes el hombro y la zona. Se ha dado cuenta, q tras los daños mi cuerpo produjo una especie de espasmo, para proteger la zona y los músculos del pecho sustituiron la funcciona del músculo de rotación interna. Este músculo no estaba desarrollado y por más q yo entrenará los músculos del hombro, nunca podría tener una estabilidad. Frank se consentro en crear métodos de entrenamiento específicos, q yo he podido hacer hasta el dia de hoy. Hace más de un año y medio desde q he tenido la última vez molestias tras un entreno duro de Jui Jitsu !! Agradezco enormemente y respecto el trabajo q Frank a realizado con migo. Gracias a el, tengo libertad de movimiento y fuerza en mi hombro en todas las luchas, sea entrenos o competiciones. Un saludo.

Sr. Ramon Lankesch

Hotel manager / Ibiza

About Frank-André Berkel

Decades of experience make the difference

The former high-performance athlete Frank-André Berkel lives on Mallorca and teaches around the world. He is a pain therapist, trained by Liebscher and Bracht, fascia specialist, physiotherapeutically trained masseur, and teacher for yoga, Pilates, dance and martial arts for more than three decades. His numerous clients include successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, members of royalty, athletes, trainers and yoga teachers. Due to his extraordinarily good reputation in the yoga scene, he followed the call of the actress and author Ursula Karven to Mallorca in 2006 to open the first yoga studio with her as a highly qualified instructor.

Frank-André Berkel’s extensive knowledge and skills, his ability, his personal experience as an active athlete and his decades of work as a trainer and therapist as well as his tireless focus on the current state of knowledge make him an exception in his field of activity.

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Breathe, move, eat well, and be happy!

Your health is your most valuable asset.
Frank-André Berkel has made it a mission in life to “move” YOU so that you can reach old age fit, satisfied, pain-free and healthy.



Finally without!

You can also do it without a rollator!

Frank-André Berkel is dedicated to your individual concerns. He is able to recognize from your movement patterns where your physical needs or possible deficits lie and accompanies you on your way to a long-term, healthy and active life with more fun.


Just like “Liebscher and Bracht”

… the physiotherapists and pain specialists in Bad Homburg, whose training Frank-André Berkel also enjoyed, he works with ostheopressure and bottleneck stretching. To do this, he uses a wide variety of massage techniques (Swedish, LomiLomi, Thai, Physio), only his fascia rolls and massage balls his hands, fingers and elbows, as well as his 36 years of experience as a phys. Massage therapist and yoga instructor are.