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Pain management


No matter what hurts!
There are other ways to get rid of pain than having an operation or taking medication all the time.
Frank André-Berkel finds the cause of your pain. You will feel an incredible improvement already after the first treatment.

Look through the list, if you find your problem in the following pain catalogue, Frank-André Berkel has its own individual treatment and therapy for each of these pain points. A major part of the treatment is based on the training provided
Liebscher & Bracht the pain specialists from Bad Homburg vd Höhe in beautiful Hesse in Germany.

Frank André Berkel | Liebscher & Bracht · Pain Therapy


1.1 Headache

1.2 Migraine full screen with aura

1.3 Headache backhead

1.4 Pain in the temples

1.5 Forehead pain

1.6 Frontal sinus pain

1.7 Sinus pain

1.8 Neck pain

1.9 Neck pain

1.10 Neck and shoulder pain

1.11 Neck, shoulder and arm pain

1.12 Collarbone pain

1.13 Headache

1.14 Sore throat

1.15 Swallowing pain


1.16 Eye pain

1.17 Visual pain

Jaw | Teeth

1.18 Temporomandibular joint pain

1.19 Earache

1.20 Sinus pain

1.21 Upper jaw pain

1.22 Lower jaw pain

1.23 Toothache


Thoracic spine | Rib cage

2.1 Back pain, thoracic spine area

2.2 Thoracic spine pain

2.3 Pain between the shoulder blades

2.4 Chest pain

2.5 Sternum pain

2.6 Pain in the appendix of the sword

2.7 Chest pain

2.8 Heart pain

2.9 Rib pain

Diaphragm | Breathing

2.10 Esophageal pain (heartburn / reflux)

2.11 Lung pain

2.12 Breathing pain

Lumbar spine | Belly

2.13 Back pain

2.14 Lumbar spine area

2.15 Lumbar spine pain

2.16 Back and buttocks pain

2.17 Back, buttocks and leg pain

2.18 Loin Pain

2.19 Kidney pain

2.20 Abdominal pain

2.21 Stomach pain

2.22 Abdominal pain

2.23 Pubic bone pain



3.1 Shoulder pain

3.2 Shoulder joint pain

3.3 Shoulder bursa pain

3.4 Shoulder blade pain

3.5 Shoulder and arm pain

Upper arm | Elbow

3.6 Upper arm pain

3.7 External elbow pain

3.8 Internal elbow pain

3.9 Elbow joint pain

3.10 Bursa pain elbow

Forearm | Wrist | Hand

3.11 Forearm pain

3.12 Wrist pain

3.13 Ganglion pain

3.14 Hand pain

3.15 Finger pain

3.16 Finger joint pain

3.17 Thumb pain

3.18 Thumb joint pain

4. HIP | LEG

Basin | Buttocks | Hip

4.1 Hip pain

4.3 Hip joint pain

4.4 Buttock pain

4.5 Sacroiliag joint pain

4.6 Groin pain

4.7 Testicular pain

4.8 Gluteal and sacrum pain

4.9 Buttock and leg pain

4.10 Ichial pain

4.11 Tailbone pain

Thigh | Knee

4.12 Thigh pain

4.13 Knee pain

4.14 Knee joint pain

4.15 Internal ligament pain

4.16 External ligament pain

4.17 Medial meniscus pain

4.18 External meniscus pain

4.19 Popliteal pain

4.20 Bursa pain, knee

Lower leg | Ankle | Foot

4.21 Calf pain

4.22 Shin Pain

4.23 Foot pain

4.24 Ankle pain

4.25 Ankle pain

4.26 Achilles tendon pain

4.27 Heel pain

4.28 Heel spur pain

4.29 Hallux valgus pain

4.30 Pain in the arch of the foot

4.31 Back of foot-pain

4.32 Toe pain

4.33 Toe joint pain

15 + 8 =

Personal Trainer/Coach

Yoga Instructor / Instructor

physics massage therapist

Pain therapist (Liebscher and Bracht)

Frank-André Berkel

“Frank-André is the first of at least a hundred personal trainers I’ve worked with who can see exactly what I and my body need”




Princess Safia Al-Rasheed

Yacht: "Lady Moura"

“I’m in no more pain!”

“I came to Frank-André with pain in the right side of my body, but I couldn’t remember where the pain was coming from. After two of his treatments and regular use of the Bellicon , I have
no more pain when walking.
Thank you Frank-André, I’m happy!”

Barbara Vette, 83 years old


Thanks to regular BodyArt yoga with Frank-Andrße, I no longer have back pain despite severe scoliosis! The lessons are varied and incredibly effective. For me an ideal combination of muscle building, stretching, fun and relaxation!”


Sandra Schmidt