Frank André Berkel | Liebscher & Bracht · Pain Therapy

Do you want to be active and pain free?

As a specialist for
fascia and all myofascial systems,
coach, yoga instructor and pain therapist
(pain therapy according to
Liebscher & Bracht), Frank-André Berkel has made it his business as a fascia specialist to offer you more quality of life, so that you can be healthy and pain-free

with fun and without medication
you can reach a ripe old age.

Experience makes the difference!

Frank-André Berkel, as a fascia specialist, yoga instructor and pain therapist, has made it his life’s work to “move YOU” in order to thereby
fit, happy, pain-free and healthy
into old age – since 1983!
with exactly four decades (40 years) of professional experience!
Always up to date in sports medicine –
because your most valuable asset is your health.
We are all getting older, that’s why may hurt your
back, your muscles or your joints
maybe because you sit too much or even though you are actually active?
Or maybe you are an athlete and are looking for new impulses for your training?
Frank-André dedicates himself to your individual concerns after his numerous trainings.
He is able to identify from your movement patterns where your physical needs or any myofascial deficits lie.
With this ability, he accompanies you on your way to a healthy and active life in the long term
with more fun and without medication!
The basis for your success lies in the unique combination of Frank-André’s various training modules, which challenge and develop your body and mind and activate the necessary regeneration and self-healing powers for your resilience .
As a side effect, you will also lose a few pounds.
I am sure you will be delighted.

Personal Trainer of The Year Award

11 + 12 =

Personal Trainer/Coach

Yoga Instructor / Instructor

physics massage therapist

Pain therapist (Liebscher and Bracht)

Frank-André Berkel

“Frank-André is the first of at least a hundred personal trainers I’ve worked with, exactly can see what I and my body needs”

Princess Safia Al Rashid

Yacht "Lady Moura"

“It is very difficult to find a professional who has the experience and training as a fitness trainer, yoga teacher and masseur that superyacht guests and owners expect. Frank Berkel met all of these criteria and did a fantastic job for us.
Please recommend him to one of the yachts you manage and give the captains my contact details if a reference check is required. “

Chris Barker

Delivery Captain of the MY Dardanella - 2015 November 21, 2015

“As an experienced yoga teacher, I learned more in one hour with Frank-Andre than in any other further training. His knowledge of the body and his physiotherapy experience make his work unique! “

Petra Knuf, 68

yoga instructor