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Functional training

Wouldn’t you also like a body
firm and elastic at the same time –
bendable like a bamboo and tearproof like a pull rope?

Many factors play a role in functional training and depending on your needs and individual goals, Frank-André will work out a training plan for you that is precisely oriented to your specific wishes and possibilities.

Faster weight loss, muscle building, more elasticity, higher resilience, stress reduction, and an incredible increase in performance
– for you too –
No matter what age group you belong to!

Frank-André Berkel took up the training concept of “Functional Training” developed by sports scientists for competitive sports right from the start and adapted it individually to the requirements and needs of his customers on a physiotherapeutic basis.
Frank-André Berkel’s exclusive functional training consists of five components:


20% upper body strength

dumbbell workout
battle ropes


20% lower body strength



20% flexibility

Stretch (!)
DEEP Fascia Stretches
(Liebscher & Bracht)

20% stability

F-André’s “Golden 8”


20% plyometrics

Tensegral movements
jumping and landing

Together they add up to 100% functionality and health through and through!

Frank-André’s functional training also includes:


Fascia Training

Until today, we thought that the skin is our largest sensory organ – far from it, it’s the
Fascial Systems.

These have the function of a spring and can be activated!
If you have reached your limits during muscle training, targeted fascia training, tensetral movements and plyometrics can achieve previously unforeseeable pain relief and performance increases.
Frank-André shows you how you can benefit from it.

Back school

Isometric training (held exercises) specially designed to strengthen the supporting muscles.
The back school improves your posture , your stability , your security !
And thus your general well-being.

Breathing Technique – Pranayama

prana is the life energy and Yama means control.
Particularly interesting for athletes, because of the breaking up of various blockages through pranayama
The body relaxes and life energy can flow more freely again.
Frank-André teaches you how to let this energy flow into your movements in order to release it in your training.
The human body is living chemistry that cannot function properly without water and oxygen.
But the more oxygen the body can absorb, the better it can burn, the better everything works and you will feel that
by making you feel more relaxed and younger!
Over time you will find that you are capable of things you never thought possible.

4 + 15 =

Personal Trainer/Coach

Yoga Instructor / Instructor

physics massage therapist

Pain therapist (Liebscher and Bracht)

Frank-André Berkel

Technically sound

“I can recommend Frank’s training to anyone who wants to do something good for themselves and their bodies.
The back pain from sitting so much at the computer is gone and it’s great fun working with Frank.
Highly recommended because technically profound, always nice and very goal-oriented.
Full points!”

dr Stephan Haardt

Thank you Frank-André

“Since I had both my hips AND knees replaced,
I lost confidence in my joints and became more and more immobile.
I came to Frank-Andre on my 86th birthday and felt MUCH better after the first treatment
and the pain is almost gone!
With Frank-André I regained a mobility and stability that I had never known. Thank you, Frank-André!”

Edelgard Reimerdes, 86 years old

Professional competence

“I would give even more stars, tried some trainers and physios on the island and
finally found the right expertise with Frank.
You can do more harm than good with the wrong exercises or the wrong posture, so he really corrects a lot and has so many exercises in his luggage that it never gets boring.
Pure motivation. My wife had a massage and was just as enthusiastic.
Absolute recommendation!”

Ben Vingutz