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Personal Training /Coaching

Exclusive individual coaching
individually adapted to you.

After a detailed anamnesis we determine your individual goals together.
I will find the optimal mix of treatment, exercise and relaxation for you.
To measure your progress, we will establish the “before” so that you can be excited and motivated by the “after” to easily implement what you have learned in your everyday life.
Nutritional counseling is of course included!

Whether treatment, training, yoga or pain therapy

Here to a voucher to print for your loved one

online course

massage / treatment

Frank-André’s pain therapy according to Liebscher works with
Osteopressure and bottleneck stretching.
In addition, the most diverse massage techniques are used for this purpose.
(Swedish, LomiLomi, Thai, Sports, Physio)
His foam rollers and massage balls are his hands, fingertips and elbows, as well as his
38 years of experience as a physiotherapeutic masseur.
will love it, intense and effective!

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Pain therapy / treatment

Frank-André’s pain therapy according to Liebscher % Bracht works with
Osteopressure and bottleneck stretching.
Without injections! Without medication!
He is able to recognize from your movement patterns where your physical needs or possible deficits lie and also accompanies you on your way towards a long-term
pain free life with more fun.
Look through the list, if you find your problem in the following pain catalogue, Frank-André Berkel has its own individual treatment and therapy for each of these pain points.

corporate offer

For companies

Do your employees sometimes lack the
necessary motivation?
Are your employees more often
sick, stressed, drained and tired?
Do your employees show signs of
Burnout Symptoms ?
Or would you just like to do something good for your employees and support and motivate them in their daily work?
Frank-André has specially developed a “15-minute concept”.
For you and your employees.



With Bellicon you certainly have THE perfect tool or training device to gently but highly effectively stimulate your fascia with tensetral movements . It looks like a regular trampoline but has
not springs, but elastic bands that allow for swinging (tensegral) !
Scientifically proven (study)
This signal is sufficient for our
Fascial systems (largest sensory organ!)
reprogram positively.
No matter what age!
Anyone who strives for a better quality of life can take part in this physiotherapeutically valuable training , which is really fun !

For The Own Bellicon
and BelliconSocks free as a gift from me

Frank Andre Berkel Yoga

Groups / outdoors

Whether it’s Frank-Andrè’s Sea View Yoga or functional training in a group – enjoy the sea with all your senses.
Experience the breathing exercises and the yoga exercises specially adapted by Frank-André directly on the seafront , and let yourself be recharged energetically – that means yoga or sports by the sea.
In addition, the sea air is particularly pure, free of dust and allergens, it contains finely swirled, iodized salt water droplets that moisten the mucous membranes and inhibit inflammation.
Resilience, health and lots of laughter
mean training or yoga with Frank-André

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Personal Trainer/Coach

Yoga Instructor / Instructor

physics massage therapist

Pain therapist (Liebscher and Bracht)

Frank-André Berkel

“Frank-André is the first of at least a hundred personal trainers I’ve worked with who can see exactly what I and my body need”

Princess Safia Al-Rasheed

Yacht: "Lady Moura"

Magical hands

“Magic hands, a good start for everyone! I’ve lived all over the world, had massages from the best, but I don’t think anyone tops Frank-André!
Whether it is a relaxation massage or a specific area for a therapeutic massage.
He changed the lives of many of my friends.
Frank is my recommendation!”

Francesca Dougall


“As an experienced yoga teacher, I learned more in one lesson with Frank-Andre than in any other training course.
His knowledge of the body and his physiotherapeutic experience make his work unique!”

Petra Knuf, 68

yoga instructor