Fascia is not just your greatest sensory concern

The fascial systems also form your 6th sense

Please what?! So-called “fasciae” are my largest sensory organ ?! Wasn’t that the skin?
Right, until recently we thought the skin was the body’s largest sensory organ! As I’ve mentioned in other posts:
medicine is making progress!
There are about 20 kilograms of fascia in your body. Everything “white”, all ligaments, tendons and connective tissue form the fascia systems of our body. These are crammed with nerve endings and receptors, and provide constant information work, which ensures a sensorimotor interaction between our brain and the perception of our body in space. The scientific systems thus form our largest sensory organ.
Plyometry and Proprioception / Proprioception may be new terms to you, but should become familiar as you are concerned with your health. Without proprioception we could do almost nothing. Don’t walk straight without looking at the ground, jump, or run. You may already be familiar with proprioception from balancing – automatically compensating for a movement on an unstable surface so that you don’t fall over or fall off the board into the water like the surfer on the cover photo. The body balances – in its normal state – all by itself, but why?
We have five senses – these are: touch · smell · taste · hearing and sight.
But what actually keeps us upright in space? The matter of course to be able to shift your weight from one leg to the other and to carry out complex tasks during this? Exactly the sensorimotor interaction between the brain via the fascia in the muscle, not just via the eye and inner ear, as previously assumed!
This interaction forms a sixth sense, which most of you are still quite unknown, but which we can even train!
This is how we get to proprioception: Like the surfer on the cover picture, whose muscles experience proprioceptive training by automatically balancing her body on the unpredictable water, you too can learn and apply even better training through my special balancing exercises and use them to your advantage .
One of my specialties is adjusting and tuning your fascial systems and muscles through your breathing. This doesn’t happen overnight, but lets you experience your body anew if you practice constantly and diligently. As if you could play a new instrument that was previously unknown to you. The more regularly you practice, the more fun you get and the better you play YOUR instrument! Get pleasure? Please register for a free information meeting and write to me info@personaltraining-mallorca.com
If we give your body a signal every day – at a similar time – for example with 3 minutes on the Bellicon hops, a couple of push-ups and two stretches, and then something would change! Very quickly, you just have to do it and get used to it! Imagine HERE your own Bellicon together.
Please drink enough water, that will be the topic next week. Enjoy your weekend and start the new week brilliantly.


Your Frank-André Berkel

picture of Karsten Bergmann on Pixabay