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Customer report Ι

Christine B. had been self-employed in boat service for 20 years when a doctor diagnosed her with a double herniated disc in her cervical spine. Pain and numbness in her left arm and fingers became a problem to the point where she was unable to even ride a bike. The prognosis of the orthopaedist: occupational disability, boat service with polishing work is out of the question in the future. If she continued to work, permanent nerve damage could result. A risky operation would then be indicated.

She came to Frank-André Berkel through a tip from an acquaintance, who initially recommended yoga and bottleneck stretching (Liebscher & Bracht) as a gentle way out of the relieving posture and back to movement. The spine was relieved by stretching, the development of the supporting muscles in combination with breathing techniques reduced the stress that had built up due to the fear of being unable to work. After that, fitness and muscle building were improved through sport, so that Christine does not fall back into the relieving posture when she is tired.

“Through his exercises and the plyometric training, fascia, tendons and connective tissue have become strong, I move like I used to and I jog again – without pain! My new level of fitness makes me feel better and I can deal with stressful moments in a more relaxed manner. THANK YOU, Frank-André,” she later wrote.

Even now, with regular massages, blockages in the body can be loosened and the fascia loosened. Proper nutrition is another component of therapy. The result after two years: 100% freedom from pain with full employment – including all polishing work.

Christine Brinkmann, Yacht Service STP Mallorca

Customer report ΙΙ

Dear Frank André,
First of all warmest greetings from the cold (this morning there was snow) northern Germany.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again
Thank you for your incredible patience during my 3 month treatment.
I was and am a very difficult patient, but unfortunately I can’t change anymore (but I’ll keep trying) I came to you in November 2021.
At this time there was no place in or on my body that didn’t cause severe pain with the slightest movement. Walking a few meters even with a stick was very difficult and painful. The most natural things
such as getting dressed (stockings, T-shirt, etc.) was only possible with pain, I slept very badly because every movement in my body was noticeable. I kept waking up and couldn’t fall asleep again, or it was very difficult.
This all got better with every hour.
The special exercises (“the floor is your friend”, true now) not only on the floor have a quick effect
shown. I also do my HOMEWORK every day. It’s getting better and better, some days it’s harder, but the next day it’s all the better.
Your competence is undeniable.
Thank you again. I’ll get in touch
soon regarding ONLINE contact.

Christian Bloomenkamp, 81