Do not allow surgery to be imposed on you!

Everyone who is in pain wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible! As a member of the famous german Physioteam Liebscher & Bracht I know how to treat you without Injections or Medication. Doctors, however, are advising more and more operations that are not necessary! Knees and hips are exchanged because the business model of hospitals nowadays – unfortunately – works like that! If you are privately insured, you might even get two new knee joints.

As a privately insured person, you are good business for doctors and hospitals!

  • For more than 80% of the operations performed in Germany, there are still no meaningful studies that verify their necessity. As an example, 80% of back operations in Germany are demonstrably unnecessary.
  • Almost a quarter of a million (250,000!) Hip prostheses are used each year in Germany – in relation to the number of inhabitants, almost twice as many as in the rest of Europe.
  • With 180,000 knee prosthesis operations per year in Germany, the number is twice as high as in France or Sweden.
  • Intervertebral disc operations (175,000 in 2012!) Are almost twice as high in Germany as in Sweden and five times (!) More often than in France and the Benelux countries.

Get your ball rolling again and contact me – I’ll be happy to show you how it works! With gentle movements and stretches, let’s Tensegral movements and plyometrics begin to work away the pain in order to be able to train the fascial system again later with sweeping, catapult-like movements. Let’s get rid of your pain! “The definition of insanity is to always do the same thing but expect different results” – Personaltraining Mallorca ( Try it out and book a large piece of health and quality of life for yourself or your employees. I am at your disposal at any time at I wish you a good time, stay healthy (!) And I send hearty greetings to everyone Your Frank-André Berkel

picture of Angelo Esslinger on Pixabay