Let’s start transforming YOUR body!

  • Your body is a marvel, you are aware of that – but did you already know that it was yours Activate fascia can? Many people break out in a sweat just thinking of a jump rope because their knees hurt so much – their backs even more! Leap?! The doctor diagnosed osteoarthritis and a herniated disc, is jumping a good idea now ?!
  • Yes absolutely!!! Maybe you haven’t jumped in a long time and shouldn’t start straight away with a jump rope, the ground is already very hard! But on my trampoline (Bellicon), which is not equipped with springs, but with elastic straps, my customers get their first jump units. Gently and regularly, because only the constant drop wears away the stone.
  • Plyometric training (e.g. trampoline) gives the body – regardless of age – the signal for regeneration and activates the fibroblasts. Older people cannot even imagine that this is still possible.

    But the wonderful thing is: medicine is making progress!

    We now know that the Fibroblasts in the Fascia tissue with the right momentum of collagen fibers on collagen fluid switch. Imagine this liquid as a lubricant or messenger substance that can be transported through the entire body with the right exercises, relieve tension, switch off pain signals in the brain and initiate regeneration processes (e.g. cartilage build-up)

  • But if you only drink one liter of water a day, you don’t even need to start plyometry. How is your body supposed to produce lubricant when there isn’t enough water? How should cartilage tissue regenerate if the synovial fluid (joint capsule) is not adequately supplied?
  • My solutions are simply and logically structured in such a way that everyone, man or woman, regardless of age, can use them without products that cost a lot of money, without special diets or additional costs Make progress .

    For example, I looked after my Spanish customer here on Mallorca, she is eighty years old and practices a handstand against the wall with me (!)

If you want to practice your favorite sport again without pain, or if you want to get rid of your pain when moving at all, please contact me at info@personaltraining-mallorca.com

Warm greetings to you and stay healthy!

Frank-André Berkel

picture of David Mark on Pixabay