Pranayama are breathing techniques

Every baby is born with the same number of breaths on its way.
Those who breathe slower and deeper live longer

In the best-case scenario, the human body can go about 14 days without food. Seven days without water, but only 2 minutes without air! Most people are unaware of the vital importance of breathing because breathing is a reactive reflex. We don’t have to think about IF we’re breathing – the body breathes for itself without your intervention. During sleep, for example, breathing is automatically calm and regular.

Everyone knows that the flow of breath is related to our state of consciousness, but also very much related to our emotions. Anger, passions, fear, and other emotions are associated with irregular and often rapid breathing. In yoga we talk about stressed thoughts and burnout from “Monkeymind”. The monkey in the head that just can’t shut up. All worries, emotions and confused thoughts this beast chatters in your head. Now, it’s not so easy to give that monkey a banana SO THAT he’ll be quiet.
But with practice (pranayama) we manage to control the flow of thoughts by controlling our breath and the monkey finally has a banana! The head relaxes, so the body begins to relax. Fears disappear and we become calm and happy, breathing slowly and calmly.
If you focus on something that demands your full attention, you will automatically breathe slowly. Increased alertness and concentration naturally go hand in hand with slower breathing. Obviously, you can also experience increased concentration and thus relaxation in the opposite way, i.e. by slowing down your breathing.


Prana is the life energy and Yama means control.

I will show you how you can most effectively work on and relax your most important breathing muscle, the diaphragm (which is incidentally connected to the spine and thus directly to the brain). You won’t believe how deep you can breathe. What effect does that have on you and how much power it will unleash in you. Both physically and mentally.
My favorite experience in all my years as a therapist is when I show someone how to stretch and stretch the body through their own breathing, the mind automatically follows in the stretch. Without having to explain much.

Breathing techniques are particularly valuable for athletes!

In martial arts, for example, if you breathe incorrectly, you win against yourself! Constantly and again and again! When you breathe out, the body protects itself and can develop the most strength, which is why sport also says: breathe out into the effort. In yoga it’s the other way around, here you breathe energetically.
In pranayama, the different the breathing exercises, the more control you gain.
The better the respiratory muscles can be controlled, the better the breath can flow.
Pay attention to yourself: When you exert yourself, you also tend to hold your breath, maybe even squeeze it so that your head turns red from the pressure. Maybe even stuck his tongue in the corner of his mouth. The following applies: when we exert ourselves, our body and breathing cramp – if we allow it.

Get your ball rolling again and contact me – I’ll be happy to show you how it works! With gentle movements and stretches, let’s tensegral movements and plyometry begin to work away the pain in order to be able to enjoy life again later with sweeping, catapult-like movements.

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