And joint pain not in the joints !!

  • Most of the pain today is up to 90% muscular-fascial. Contrary to traditional medical theory, this is almost always the case of damage pain “Alarm pain” , incorrectly switched muscle programs that cause a “System error” to the control center (brain) to warn of impending damage.
  • The belief that pain is exactly where you feel it in the body has falsely manifested itself firmly in the minds of the western world.
  • Just by eliminating the excess tension in the fascial and muscular tissue, I usually switch off the excruciating pain in the first session, or reduce it significantly!
  • The exercises that I give you for free after each treatment ensure that the brain is reprogrammed and the body realigned through targeted movements and staying in certain end positions, so that the pain stays switched off and strengthening and relaxation is experienced at the same time through new movement patterns.

The pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht, according to which I have been working for many years from my own studies, is able to treat 90% of the pain effectively and effectively without surgery or medication.

picture of VSRao on Pixabay