Without water everything is nothing!

  • The water not only quenches thirst, but above all ensures that our body works the way it should work, you’ve known for a long time.
  • You also know that many people drink far too little water – maybe even you?
    After all, water is the most important food. Without water, the human body cannot perform its most vital task. The Excretion of metabolic products !
  • I am not going to pour myself over into enumerations of the tasks of water in our bodies, most of which you would be familiar with anyway, but as Fascia specialist I have some new information for you today.
    We are living chemistry – biochemistry ! Chemical reactions are constantly taking place in our body, without a break.
    Now the question: what happens in chemistry without water and without oxygen ?! Right, NOTHING!
  • An example: You start with Plyometry , functional training and stretching but you are drinking too little water. For whatever reason. How is your body supposed to remove waste from metabolism or new fluids like Lubricants and lymph make up if you don’t enough water take in? I already heard the reason: “I can’t drink that much water” or “then I have to go to the toilet so often” – that’s right, at the beginning, but the body also gets used to more water over time. It’s all a matter of practice and training – also drink water!
  • As you know from your own experience, the body empties in the morning after getting up.
    NOW you should (according to the latest medical studies!) drink 640ml of water on an empty stomach in order to be adequately supplied to to prepare the organism optimally for the day . I make it easier for you:

    Drink half a liter of water on an empty stomach – every day!

    The juice of half a lemon makes the water alkaline – and the body is happy. Then wait a quarter of an hour, then as usual, enjoy your coffee and breakfast, preferably a small muesli with yogurt, fruit and – if possible – without sugar.

    Now there are the 1.5 liter water bottles, one of which is empty in the evening! So easy! With your coffees or teas you get up to 2.5 liters, which you should drink EVERY DAY! It is important to give the body a blunt signal so that it can get used to it. Only a steady drop can hollow this stupid stone!

  • With enough water, the fibroblasts in the fascia are happy to finally be able to produce liquid collagen again, no more fibers, because you are already with them plyometric training have started and have given the right signals for collagen production.
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I wish you a happy Pentecost and send hearty greetings

Your Frank-André Berkel


picture of rony michaud on Pixabay